There was once a taxi driver. One day he was driving along looking for business when a big lorry crashed into him head on. The taxi driver died.


The next thing he knew he was floating in the clouds. He thought, "Gee, I never thought I'd end up here. I guess I was a good guy after all."

"Wow," he thought, "I wonder if this means I can have whatever I want? When I was alive, I always wanted one of those dream mansions to live in, but couldn't afford it." He concentrated really hard on it.

Then a big explosion, *POOF* and the mansion appeared. His heart raced as he ran for the door.

But when he opened the door and looked inside, he found the mansion empty. He was angry and shouted, "This won't do! I need all kinds of things to fill this place.

I need a comfortable recliner, a big screen TV with videos, a nice stereo . . . " And as he spoke, *POOF*, everything appeared. On and on he named things he wanted and they all appeared.

For a while, he really enjoyed these things. He watched his favorite movies, he listened to music, he took Jacuzzi baths, he played in virtual reality. But he knew something was missing.

His stomach was grumbling. "Ah," he said. "I need food." Upon thinking of the favorite things he ate on earth, they appeared. Everything from apple pie to zucchini bread. And for quite a long time he was satisfied.

Months passed. But eventually he realized that something was still missing and he knew who she was. . . The woman of his dreams. She would be amazingly beautiful, smart, sensitive, the perfect spiritual match, the perfect lover, the perfect match.

Just after thinking this, the doorbell rang and there she was.

Things seemed pretty perfect for him. Much time passed. He enjoyed his days, but slowly he noticed that something was still missing and couldn't figure it out. He had already asked for everything he could imagine. This feeling grew stronger and eventually it turned into anger because he couldn't figure out what it was that was missing.

One day he thought, "This place is heaven. I want to speak to the big man." He shouted, "Hey, God! HELLO! Come talk to me!" And a deep voice answered, "Yes, what do you want?"

He replied, "I don't get. Here I am, I ask for anything I want and it appears. But yet I feel miserable. I'm so angry. I can't figure it out. How can you call this place 'Heaven' when I feel like this?"

And the voice answered him, "Now son, is that where you think you are?!"

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