A modern day fool much like you or me was to inherit a priceless, sprawling palace, which was situated on 150 acres of land. The fool walked through the gates of the estate and traveled along the road to the palace.

On her way she saw the grandeur of the land. She saw rolling hills covered with beautiful flowers.

She stopped to smell the flowers and feel their texture against her face.

She became totally immersed in the thousands of varieties of flowers. Touching, smelling, even tasting them.

She forgot about her meeting at the palace and wandered off to explore the hills of flowers. Hours passed. Finally she remembered that she was to inherit the whole place and that she needed meet her lawyers at the palace.

So she found the road again and started running towards the palace.

But then she came upon some caves of all sizes and dimensions with lovely creatures coming in and out of them. So she stopped to examine them and she became totally enthralled. Again she forgot about the meeting.

Many days passed as she explored was amazed by all of the caves and animals. Finally she remembered the meeting.

She ran back to the road and headed for the palace.

When she finally arrived at the main door of the palace a security guard stopped her. She told him who she was, he laughed and looked at her as if she were crazy. "Had you come directly here and been on time, this whole place would be yours. You're too late," he said and escorted her out of the estate.

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