A young monk and his teacher were walking one day.

They came to a river. A woman in a long dress was waiting by the side of the river.

When she saw them, she asked if they could carry her to the other side so her dress would stay dry. Monks of this type were not supposed to talk to women, much less touch them.

Nonetheless, the wise teacher agreed and lifted her up on his shoulders, crossed the river and put the woman down on the other side.

Although he was confused and upset, the young monk still walked with his teacher.

The sun set and the young monk was still agitated.

The next morning came and he was still bewildered and bothered. So finally he decided to confront his teacher, "No disrespect intended Master, but how could you do that?! How could you possibly carry that woman? I'm very upset by this and I don't understand?" And his teacher smiled and replied, "I simply carried the woman to the other side of the river and put her down. But it seems that you are still carrying her around!"

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