Once there was a lion cub that was lost in the jungle.

While wandering one day the lion cub came across a herd of sheep who adopted him.

The lion cub grew and matured but thought he was a sheep too. He used to say, "Baaah", and travel with the other sheep. He also ate only grass like the sheep did.

When the hyenas would chase the herd, he would run away with the other sheep.

Then one day some other lions saw him and said, "What's this?!" He watched them encircling him and was very afraid. Then one of the lions said, "Just come with us."

They took him to a pond and told him to look into the pond and see his reflection. As soon as he saw himself his entire stature changed.

Something happened to him and he lost his identity as a sheep. Then one of the lions said, "Now roar."

And he let out an enormous roar, which echoed through the valleys. He returned to himself and was a great lion of the jungle.

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