There was once a traveler who was walking down a dirt road. He saw a sadhu on his knees bending down and looking at something.

The traveler was curious so kneeled down next to the sadhu. He noticed something strange.

He noticed there was a puddle of water and there was a scorpion trying to cross from one side to the other.

When the scorpion got to the middle of the puddle he began to drown.

Then the sadhu picked up the scorpion and put it down on the other side of the puddle. But of course the scorpion stung the sadhu.

After the scorpion was put down it tried to cross the puddle again and again it almost drowned.

Once again the sadhu saved the scorpion. And once again he was stung by it. This happened many times.

Finally the curious traveler asked, "Excuse me sir, but may I ask what you are doing? Why are you doing this? Every time you pick up the scorpion you get stung." The sadhu looked at the traveler, smiled, and he said, "It is the scorpions nature to sting, and it's my nature to save."

The traveler walked away a bit confused and wondered why the sadhu used his own hand to save the scorpion rather than a twig or a fallen leaf.


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