There once lived a Prime Minister to a Great King who's job was to sort out all the problems of the King's Royal Servants.

The Prime Minister had spent many years studying with a mysterious hermit. The hermit would tell the Prime Minister that all he need do to be at complete peace was to repeat the following words:


One day the Prime Minister became totally aware of the deepest meaning of these words. He was instantaneously free of all problems and worries, and felt deep peace in his heart.

One morning the King's Royal Cook walked into the Royal Kitchen and found the Special Royal Breakfast he made for the King being eaten by the King's Royal Cat! He was enraged! He thought to kill the Cat, but then remembered that first he should tell the Prime Minister. After all, the cat was royalty too.

So, the Royal Cook found the Prime Minister and told him the story. The Prime Minister just smiled at the Royal Cook and said, "Listen, ALL IS WELL, And EVERYTHING IS UNFOLDING AS IT SHOULD." And the Royal Cook said, "WHAT! How can you say that?"

And he stormed away.

The same morning, one of the King's Royal Guards came on duty to find that else got promoted was expecting. He was furious.

So he went to the Prime Minister and said, "How can this be?! It was I who should have been promoted! What are you going to do about this?"

The Prime Minister turned to him, smiled and said, "Don't worry, ALL IS WELL, And EVERYTHING IS UNFOLDING AS IT SHOULD."

His words did nothing for the Royal Guard other than make him more furious as he left.

It just so happened that this Royal Guard bumped into the angry Royal Cook and they exchanged stories.

As they were walking along, they passed the Royal Barbershop where the King happened to be having his Royal Shave.

Just as they looked in, the Royal Barber slipped with his blade and cut the King's Royal Neck. His Royal Blood spurted all over. This gave them a plan. They knew exactly how to fix the Prime Minister.

They ran to the Prime Minister and told him what happened to the King. Naturally, he replied with a smile, "ALL IS WELL, And EVERYTHING IS UNFOLDING AS IT SHOULD." That was just what they wanted to hear.

They went back to the King who was being bandaged up by the Royal Doctor, and said, "Your Highness. We just spoke with the Prime Minister and told him what happened to you. He looked at us, smiled and said, 'ALL IS WELL, And EVERYTHING IS UNFOLDING AS IT SHOULD.'"

The King replied, "WHAT!!! Bring him to me!"

They brought the Prime Minister to the King, and the King asked him, "What did you say when you heard of my condition?"

The Prime Minister looked the King in the eyes, smiled and said, "Your Majesty, ALL IS WELL, And EVERYTHING IS UNFOLDING AS IT SHOULD."

And the King turned to his Royal Guards and said, "Throw him in the dungeon."

It happened that this was a Friday and every Friday, the King and the Prime Minister would go riding through the forest. However, since the Prime Minister was locked away, the King decided to go alone.

Unknown to the King, in the forest on this day there was some cult ceremonies going on. The head of the cult worshippers told his followers to go into the forest and find a pure being to be sacrificed.

Sure enough, they found the King and brought him to the ceremony.

The leader looked at the King and said, "Prepare him for sacrifice." However, when the leader looked at the King's neck, he saw the bandage.

He exclaimed, "What's that on his neck! Remove the bandage! You have not brought me pure being! Send him away and bring me someone pure!"

As the King was riding back to the Royal Palace, he remembered the Prime Minister's words and understood.

Immediately he released the Prime Minister.

"My good Prime Minister. You were right. If I hadn't been injured, some cult worshippers would have sacrificed me. My apologies, thank you," said the King.

And once again the Prime Minister smiled and said, "Yes, and not only that. You see, had you not thrown me into the dungeon, I would have been with you riding and they would have sacrificed me instead.


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